CVYC Position Descriptions

Interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee team?

All members should consider volunteering for one of these positions at some point in time, because your club can't run without those willing to co-ordinate all the things that take place throughout the year. It's not fair to expect the same members to undertake these roles year after year.


These position descriptions will help ease your mind that anyone can do this and they are not really that time consuming.

Don't think oh it's for someone else, please consider participating.

Where everyone fits in!

There are other volunteer positions within the club that are not on the executive, however require significant time and energy to undertake.

You can view these position descriptions here

Current position holders 2019/20

Commodore                           Grant Watkins

Vice Commodore                    Ken Gadicke

Rear Commodore                    Jonathan Rothwell

Past Commodore                     Jenifer Jennings

Sunshine Person                      Jackie Scott

Email Broadcaster                   Donna Ehrmantraut  

Website Manager                   Glenn Naylor

Webmaster Backup/Assistant   Robert Riddy

Audio-Visual Wrangler            Glenn Naylor

Photo Album Editor                 Bonnie Luterbach

Bulletin Editor                         Bonnie Luterbach

Bulletin Publisher                     Linda Graceffo


Quartermaster                      Barb Hammer

Assistant Quartermaster         Helen Hull

Training Officer                     Stuart Mackenzie

Treasurer                              Ted Trueman

Secretary                              Bonnie Seeley

Staff Captain – Social            Barb Hammer

                                           and Cat Pedersen

Staff Captain – Membership   Sue Newman

Assistant to Membership         Jessica Sandler

Staff Captain – Fleet              Kent Giebelhaus