The Comox Valley Yacht Club (CVYC) is proud of its nickname, “The Blue Jeans Yacht Club.” We are a group of between 150 – 175 boaters, some with power boats, some with sailboats, and some presently without boats.  Compared to traditional yacht clubs, the CVYC is informal and inexpensive because we are not burdened by a marina or clubhouse to maintain. And just like our boats, while our members vary in age and marine experience, we share in a spirit of mutual respect and adventure, exploring our local waters, the Salish Sea and beyond.

Our Social and Cruise calendars are limited at this time as we are following the current        restrictions during the pandemic. The following descriptions are based on activities we will resume once the restrictions are lifted.  In the mean time, we are holding Social and Tech    events by Zoom, and members will be out on the water maintaining the protocols put  in place by the Province of BC. Our priority is to keep our members and the public around us safe. Please ask us for more details if needed by using the “Contact” tab.   

Our main activities are:



We schedule 6 to 8 cruises each season, heading both north and south, and led by volunteer Cruise Captains.  These cruises can be from 2 days to 3 weeks long (although it is possible to participate in  only sections of the cruise) and destinations can vary each year. Members can participate in the full cruise or only part.  We have a “Reciprocal Program” which allows members to stay one or two nights free at the docks of yacht clubs who also participate in this program.    (Click here to learn more)

Social Events


Social get-togethers are a very important part of CVYC and range from monthly TGIFs to our only formal event, the annual Commodore’s Ball.  While we have been having fun holding these events by Zoom over the past year, as soon as permitted, we look forward to getting together in person. (Click here to learn more)

Tech Nights


We hold Tech Nights four or five times a season.  Guest speakers or Club members offer educational presentations focused on improving our nautical knowledge, discussing safety, mechanical, and seamanship skills (Click here to learn more)

Tree Island


The Comox Valley Yacht Club has a formal Partnership Agreement with BC Parks “for the purpose of assisting the Ministry with the maintenance, protection, restoration and enhancement of Jáji7em and Kw’ulh Marine Park” (a.k.a. Sandy Island Marine Park) – known locally and loved as Tree Island. (Click here to learn more)

Other Activities


CVYC is proud of its role in the boating community and in the Comox Valley.


a) As a charter member of the Council of BC Yacht Clubs


 b) We are active in the BC Marine Parks Forever Society

c) We contribute to various charitable and environmental causes by:


            i.          Supporting the Comox Valley Food Bank

            ii.         Donating funds annually to the BC Marine Parks Forever Society

            iii.        Donating funds annually to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

                                 (Click here to learn more about our other activiries)

How do we keep track of all of these activities (and each other)?


Our colourful CVYC Bulletin is published monthly from September through June and is distributed by email. For more immediate news, we ‘broadcast emails’ for reminders of upcoming events, or last minute changes.

The monthly Bulletin includes reports from each member of the Executive, a general greeting and summary of past and upcoming events (Social, Tech, and Cruises). Like any great Bulletin for boaters, there is a “Want to Find” and “It’s for Sale” section, as well as a list of companies who offer Club member discounts. 

Another section is open to new Club members who are invited to introduce themselves and their boat to the membership. This section is complimented by a Founding Members section, who contribute and carry forward the stories of the CVYC early beginnings.

Submitted articles are varied and often accompanied by photos of our activities (a potential Boat Hook Award), all of which make the Bulletin a vital part of the Blue Jean Yacht Club experience.  And what is a Boat Hook Award? Well, let’s just say for now, it has something to do with Docktails and Docktales . . .