The Comox Valley Yacht Club was formed in 1999 by a group who believed there was a need for a pleasure boating organization that gets folks together with a common interest to trade information, provide a common voice for boating issues in the community and, especially, socializing.

We are not a typical yacht club. There is no marina or building owned by the club.  We rent a room to socialize, usually at the Comox Golf Club, from the months of September to May. Some of our members don’t even own boats and the boats we do have range in size, age, and sea capability.

We like to say we are "a blue jeans Yacht Club” because that is what many of us wear. No blue blazers or white duck pants here.


The Comox Valley is located on the east side of Vancouver Island and is comprised of the City of Courtenay, the Town of Comox, the Village of Cumberland and a surrounding, rural area.  The municipalities of Courtenay and Comox are on Comox Bay which  opens onto the Strait of Georgia, the 25+/- nautical mile gulf which separates Vancouver Island from the mainland of British Columbia.

The Comox harbour and marina are part of the Town of Comox and provide moorage, fuel and services to over 500 pleasure craft as well as a large commercial fishing fleet.

Most of the members of the Comox Valley Yacht Club live and/or work in the Comox Valley area.

The Club does not own any slip space in the Comox marina.  We do have reciprocal arrangements with nine other Yacht Clubs in the Georgia Strait.  In Comox transient moorage is available to others by contacting the marina directly.  See more on reciprocal moorage under 'Member Benefits'.

The following events are based on “normal” circumstances. Currently due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, we have had to make almost all our events virtual until further notice.

What We Do

We have fun! During the winter months we have a very active social calendar that includes appie and tech nights, along with dinners that keeps us interacting when the rain is coming down and the wind is howling in off the Strait. Most of our off season social events are held at the Comox Golf Club. 

Come the spring and right through to late in the fall, our activities move outdoors and onto the water. 

The Club is a steward of Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park which is located at the northern tip of Denman Island, across the Bay from Goose Spit and the Comox harbour.  In this stewardship role the Club undertakes a cleanup of the island’s shoreline each spring, and through the summer, members take turns on weekends mooring their boat at the island with BC Parks Host banners showing. The Club members provide information to visiting boaters and create a BC Parks presence.

Starting with a spring cruise each year, a number of Club cruises get underway. All members are encouraged to go on the cruises but given everybody’s time commitments any given cruise may have as few as 4 boats and as many as 18 or more.

We have also entered into reciprocal moorage arrangements with other Yacht Clubs on the Strait of Georgia to accommodate traveling and mooring. 

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